Why Stock Market Investment is Right Decision?

Stock market investment is not merely investing and waiting for profit, it requires knowledge and strategy with knack of timing the investment for profit making stocks.

Staying in the Market is Important

Making money is easy in Indian share market but same can be said about losing money so it is not how much money you make, it is important how much money you keep to sustain in the market, how hard your invested money works for you and for how many years you reap profit from it.

Conventional Means

Too many people spend their lives as employees and consumers whole life. They sell their time and skills for money, the money is taxed, they pay their bills, and whatever is leftover is usually discretionary. The discretionary amount is typically used for a vacation, on leisure activities, or buying more depreciating consumer goods like furniture, electronics, or automobiles. Some call discretionary amount as savings others deposit in the banks for future use. Returns are negligible in the bank deposits while banks invest your money in the stock market and earn profits. The best opportunity is to invest in a growing company’s initial public offering than keeping deposits in banks.


With only one source of income, this can be an exhausting treadmill – taking routine steps but not moving ahead in life. Stock market investment gives you leap to move ahead in life in terms of earning money in flexible time.

Life time Benefit

Too many people have a negative net worth after a decade or more of hard work. Most people work hard at earning and spending money, but put little effort into saving or investing it. Buying products from Flipkart or Amazon is spending money, buying shares of a company stock is also investing money. In first case you enjoy one-time benefit in next scenario you may reap benefits life time. In another scenario, paying for a movie rental subscription on Netflix is being a consumer, while buying shares of a stock company in installments is being an investor. In all scenarios you invest money, it depends on your expectation whether you want one tine benefit or life time profit.

Decision Making

Decision making is important. Reading a lot about stock market but never foraying into it cannot make money for you. You become a good decision maker in stock market trading. Start investing today in intraday trading by opening demat account. Most people stay on the consumer side of companies and never move over to the investor side. You can profit by being an investor in a company that consistently grows sales and earnings and beats BSE’s expectations. If you invest in a company that’s growing, the odds are that as it grows the share prices will also grow and you will make money in uptrends


Customers spend money to consume goods and services that depreciate in value, while investors spend money to accumulate assets that could appreciate in value over time. The best performing stocks of all-time are not obscure penny stocks, tips from newsletters, SMS, tech innovations, or secret, insider stocks. They are generally big household names like Reliance Industries Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd and Infosys Ltd to name just a few.

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