What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?

Are you interested in investing or hiring cleaning services? Which one would you choose between commercial and residential cleaning services?

Before settling for any of these cleaning services, you need to know what each entails to help you make an informed choice.

So, read this post and get to learn the difference between commercial and residential cleaning.

Type of Services Offered

A commercial cleaning company does work for another business or organization. Commercial cleaning companies clean offices, industries, or retail stores.

It means that how a commercial cleaning company cleans these spaces is different from how it’s done in different homes.

On the other hand, residential cleaning services involve working for consumers, like cleaning someone’s floors in their homes. Therefore, the services a residential cleaning company offers are detailed and might be involving depending on the home you’re working on.

Cleaner Client Relations

Another notable difference between commercial and residential cleaning is that you’ll interact with the client if you’re a residential cleaner. Most of the time, the client is around as you work on their property.

This means that as a residential cleaner, you must have good communication skills and be friendly.

However, a commercial cleaner hardly contacts the customer as they work at night or late in the evening after the business closes.


If you do residential cleaning, expect to work under close supervision as the clients most of the time watch your every move.

The residential clients also tend to be keen on small details like arranging the house or items after you’re done cleaning and much more.

But if you are a commercial cleaner, your client is keener on the terms of the agreement and if you meet them and not on smaller details. A commercial cleaning company has supervisors to supervise the cleaning crew.


Most residential cleaning clients prefer their properties cleaned during the day, unlike commercial cleaning, where you work late in the evening.

Some clients also prefer having their premises cleaned at night/ weekends when all the employees are not around.

The time a commercial cleaner will take doing this work is also not much since they do it faster without focusing on smaller details.

As a residential cleaner, you might take more time cleaning as the client pays more attention to how you handle their properties and direct you on how to do something.

Payment Mode

If you’re a commercial cleaner or company, don’t expect to get your payments immediately after finishing your work.

This is because you work under a contract, and your client expects to get an invoice from you after some period. However, as a residential cleaner, you’ll get your payment immediately after offering your services.

Type of Equipment and Cleaning Chemicals Used

The type of equipment used in commercial cleaning differs from those for residential cleaning. Remember the two setups have different types of furniture, floors, and organization, affecting the type of equipment to be used.

In addition, the chemicals used in cleaning a residential home will not be the same as that of an office or industry.

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