Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Than Its Actual Size

Making a room highly functional without taking up a lot of space is challenging. But, it is more challenging to make a small bathroom bigger than it actually is. But, with the following tricks, you can transform a small bathroom into a more spacious-looking one.

Let a lot of natural light enter the room

A bathroom without enough source of light makes the space look smaller. Conversely, by letting plenty of natural light enter your bathroom, it opens up the area and makes it look bigger.

Small windows are not enough to bring in light. So, it is best to install a solar tunnel or skylight to have sufficient light to brighten the room. You can also install a translucent window shade to let more light come in while protecting your privacy.

Make it all white

To add an illusion of a huge bathroom in a small space, make it all-white. Then, install the same colour of flooring starting from the shower up to the rest of the area. This trick creates an unbroken and seamless look throughout the room. Making the space under the vanity white also allows you to see the continuation of the flooring.

Install tiles up to the ceiling

Having the same tiles all over your bathroom up to the ceiling also helps achieve a more spacious room. Without the horizontal dividing lines on the bathroom walls, your space will look open, and it also makes your ceiling look higher.

Use bigger tiles with plain colour for the floor

Using bigger floor tiles with plain colour also helps to add more space to your small bathroom. Installing small tiles divides the space with the lines created by the tile grout. Choosing bigger, plain-coloured tile provides an illusion of more floor area and a less cluttered look.

Switch to frameless shower enclosure

A patterned glass and shower curtains should be a thing of the past if you want to make your small bathroom space look larger. These bathroom components create an additional wall that divides your room into smaller sections. Switching to a frameless shower enclosure is an excellent way to do away with visual barriers and is very efficient for reflecting light.

Use bigger mirrors

Instead of a small bathroom mirror, consider installing a full mirror on an entire wall or most of it. A huge mirror lets more light inside the room and creates a spacious illusion.

Use open shelves

Installing built-in bathroom cabinets can instantly make your space bigger. However, open shelves are one way to maximize your space while giving off a clean and minimalist look. Installing one above the toilet or beside the shower tub are some of the best ways to incorporate open shelves in your bathroom.

Make the most of the area in your bathroom without making the space smaller. The abovementioned tricks can help you achieve a brighter and bigger bathroom without having expensive and laborious renovations. You may also save money while maximizing your bathroom space by following these tips.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/y79dt3dhTxc

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