Things to Do if Your Children Don’t Like Spending Time with You

When your children were still babies, you couldn’t spend time apart from them. There were instances when you wanted to take a break from your responsibilities, but you couldn’t. As they get older, you realize that they no longer want to spend much time with you. When they play with their toys or video games, they want to do it alone.

While it gives you more time to do other things, you can’t let it stay that way. You don’t want your children to grow up and drift away from you. While they’re young, you should make the most of whatever time you have. Here are some tips to help you reconnect with your children.

Find out what they want

Apart from playing with toys, your children also have other interests. As they get older, they know what activities make them happy. Try your best to be supportive. If they show interest in baking, you have to do it with them. Buy the ingredients and prepare the tools. If they like to solve puzzles, you should sit with them and do it together.

Don’t show up only to get angry

Some parents to be present only when they want to express anger or frustration. They spend hours working and go to their children’s bedroom to say how dirty it is. Don’t be that type of parent. You can’t let them create an image of you being angry all the time. It makes them not want to spend time with you at all. You can still help them be responsible in doing the chores without screaming all the time.

Treat your children

You can also surprise your children by buying them something nice or going out to eat. You can also spend a day in the park while letting them buy whatever snacks they want. Don’t tell them about these plans so they will feel surprised. These are remarkable moments that your children will never forget.

Buy new toys

If your children are still on the “play” stage, show your support by buying them wonderful toys. You can consider installing soft play at home. You can find different choices. Buy one that will help develop your children’s skills. They will thank you for buying these toys. You can also join them while they play.

Create a positive environment at home

Perhaps, your house becomes more toxic recently. When you can’t go anywhere else, you end up ranting in front of your children. You also fight with your partner. It’s not the right kind of environment for them. Make sure that you set a positive tone at home. Find ways to release stress. If you have disagreements with your partner, you can’t let your children witness the argument. You want them to grow up in a fun and loving home.

Again, it’s terrible if you realize that your children don’t want to spend time with you anymore. If things move in that direction, it will be too late to repair your relationship. Do something now while you can.


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