Renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy? This quick guide can help you!

If you are about to renew your bike insurance policy for the first time, you may need a bit of guidance. In this article, we list down the different methods of two-wheeler insurance renewal to help you out. No matter which insurance company you go to, the process usually is standard throughout. Let’s take a look –

Two-wheeler insurance renewal

You can opt to renew your two wheeler insurance in one of the following two ways:


This is the traditional method of renewing your bike insurance policy wherein you would have to visit the insurance company’s office and talk to one of the insurer’s executives about their insurance plans. You then pay a premium upon which they would hand over a printout of your renewed policy documents and your payment receipt.

However, you can also renew your two-wheeler insurance policy by getting in touch with an:

  1. Insurance agent

An insurance agent is trained and licensed to help out with any queries that you might have as a policyholder. If you are not comfortable with digitally renewing your policy, you can get in touch with an insurance agent who can help you out with the policy renewal.

  1. Insurance broker

Many might confuse an insurance agent with an insurance broker; however, each one has a different role. While an insurance agent has a contract with insurance companies and is looking to sell their policies, an insurance broker is more focused on the policyholder’s needs. Now, there are two different types of insurance brokers. One is the captive broker, who has a contract with on specific insurer. The second is the independent broker who can show you a wider variety of insurance products.


This is the method that most policyholders choose to go with. This is because this method is much more convenient as you can pay for your policy and get it without even having to step out of the comfort of your home. In just a few simple clicks, you can get your policy on email. You can also complete the payment of your policy online via Debit or Credit card, NEFT, and so on.

You can complete your bike insurance renewal online in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log on to the insurer’s website

You can simply log on to your insurer’s website where you can renew your two-wheeler insurance policy.

  1. Fill up all the details required for the renewal process

All you would need is your vehicle registration number, policy number, mobile number, and email address. You can also check out the features of the other insurance plans that they are offering in case shifting to another policy seems like a better option.

  1. Get your premium quote and complete the payment

Once you provide all the required details, you will receive the premium quote for your two-wheeler insurance policy. You can get multiple quotes from different insurance companies and compare them to opt for the best one.

So, these were the different ways in which you can renew your bike insurance policy. We hope that this article has been a useful read. Good luck!

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