How Mining Technology has Changed 

Technology advancements have impacted almost all the sectors in the world. The mining industry is the latest sector to undergo various changes due to new technology like automation, analytics, and digital management systems.

Here are some of the top ways through which mining technology has changed.

  • Mobile access and technological application

Communication is one of the areas in mining that has experienced a massive technological shift. In the earlier days, messages were relayed on the word of mouth basis. The slow message delivery would delay decision-making even on important issues. That is different from now when instant messaging through mobile means faster decision making. The faster messaging allows for efficient management and operations and aids in workers’ safety as any danger or risk signal is relayed immediately.

  • Modern heavy equipment 

Technology has also impacted mining through the availing of modern heavy equipment. While heavy equipment has been part of mining for the longest time, technology has made them more efficient and quick. The equipment is used in crushing, excavating, digging, and sorting through the rubble.

Technology has made the equipment more advanced. The operators also have access to learning materials on the best practices to get the most out of the machines. Besides, the technological advancements have been impactful on the replacement for more uptime. Unlike before when you had to wait for long, at the moment an industrial supplier can quickly source and avail all the replacement parts on a need basis.

  • Reduced operation costs

The use of robotics is the other aspect of technology introduced in mining. The mining sector for the longest time has been all about manual labor. The workforce will drastically change as the sector embraces automation for various aspects. The machines ensure reliability, efficiencies and reduce the chances of errors.

Unlike human labor, machines come with unrivaled consistency. The industry can thus rely on data from these processes to improve on various methodologies. Various automatic mining machines like commercial autonomous haul trucks and autonomous blast-hole drills are already used widely with much success.

  • Effective management systems 

To work effectively with the new technological changes, the mining company must also shift to embrace new systems in management. The management must embrace technology and innovation in the various processes. For example, once a mining company embraces advanced analytics it has to modify how the workers operate to make use of the new technology.

A technologically advanced management system embraces unified teams more than the traditional separate teams. The production, planning, maintenance, and other teams must all collaborate on how best to use the new systems. Unlike before where independent decisions would work, new machines require all teams to agree. Otherwise, expect to stall various activities.

Bottom Line 

Technology is the force behind the increased push for sustainable changes in the mining industry. Mining companies are harnessing technology like automation and analytics for more productivity, safety, and supply chain management. Even though still at the adoption changes, technology is already informing the next wave of changes in mining.

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