Excellent Tips of Pool Maintenance Practices

Types of swimming pool installations

A swimming pool is a structure with a design that can hold water, allowing swimming and other recreational activities. Swimming pool installation occurs in two categories, including indoor pools, outdoor pools. Indoor pools are built within premises and smaller than outdoor pools; Outdoor pools are sub-divided into two, namely in-ground swimming pools and above-ground swimming pools. In-ground pools are constructed below the surface. Above-ground pools are built on top of a structure that already exists.

The essential components of a pool

An ideal pool requires regular maintenance to ensure proper circulation, filtration, and water heating. It would help if you understood the various constituents and how they function to carry out proper maintenance practices. Below are some essential parts that make a swimming pool apart from the water;

The Basin – It is the part that holds water in a pool containing it in one area hence bringing out the pool design. If all water is emptied in a pool, the basin-like structure is left, and without it, a swimming pool cannot exist.

Water Pumps – A water pump constitutes a motor whose function is to pump water around a water filtration system. It drains water from the pool then returns it to the pool, ensuring the pool stays filled such that there is no need of topping up using a hosepipe.

Filters – Their work is to protect the pool by ensuring there are no harmful substances present.

They exist in a sand filter, cartridge filter, and DE filter. Filters allow water to pass through while stripping micro-organisms and any debris present.

Main drain – Water leaves the pool using one main drain for filtering, and then it can pump it back.

Skimmers – It is a component that helps in maintaining the pool`s cleanliness as they skim off the water`s top surface, removing any debris that might have settled on the surface. It also plays a vital role in preventing waste from settling in the bottom of the pool, blocking drains.

Heaters – The function of a heater is to heat the pool providing warm water where needed.

How to maintain the pool

Get rid of unwanted items – Your skimmers might have left some foreign materials, which you can remove manually using some pool net.

Ensure the pool pump runs daily- The process will ensure the water is filtered off from harmful substances. The water runs through the filtration system and back to the back without any bacteria and micro-organisms.

Backwash the filters – Filters get clean through backwashing through a setting that reverses the flow of water, knocking free all the dirt which had been trapped sending to a waste port.

Cover the pool – A pool cover protects the pool when it is not in use and frees it from foreign materials from the environment.

Test the water regularly – A testing kit helps check the chemical balances to maintain optimum pH levels. It will help you know the specific chemicals you need to apply to keep your pool with the right balance.

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