Alejandro Pena & Keter Tout Collaboration With Ronald McDonald House

Keter is a company that has spent the better part of the past 75 years working to establish itself as a premier provider of sustainable outdoor home and garden decor. Based in Israel and presently led by CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter has worked tirelessly in recent years on its efforts in philanthropy and sustainability.

Since taking over the company this past decade, Alejandro Pena has been mainly focused on developing communal outreach programs to better serve the people within the communities in which Keter operates.

Most recently, Keter made the news for its work alongside the Ronald McDonald House (RMHCC) in Canada. The RMHCC runs a total of 33 programs across the entirety of Canada, where 15 individual Ronald McDonald Houses are available to families in times of need.

Let’s use our microscope to better analyze Keter’s cooperation with the RMHCC.

Introducing the Ronald McDonald House

If the name Ronald McDonald makes you want to reach for a hamburger, you aren’t alone. More than just a fast food icon, the clown behind McDonald’s clever advertising also represents a nonprofit organization in Canada dedicated to providing temporary housing to families with ill minors looking to travel for medical care.

The Ronald McDonald House provides these disadvantaged families access to resources while they go through trial and tribulation. With 33 programs across the country, individuals from Nova Scotia to Toronto can find support.

Keter’s Green Spaces

While CEO Alejandro Pena has been focused on the westward expansion of Keter’s production efforts, he has also been tireless in his focus on creating greener spaces and better, healthier outcomes.

Pena developed Keter Green Spaces as a form of community outreach to teach children how to cultivate and raise a garden better. Led by actual Keter employees, Keter’s Green Spaces initiative was a hand-in-glove fit when collaborating with RMHCC South Central Ontario on the Serenity Garden.

The Serenity Garden is a space where families can enjoy time together as a refuge while waiting for medical treatments. Keter donated raised garden beds, Alpine Adirondack Chairs, Patio Store small sheds, and other Keter products to make the experience welcome.

Keter & Sustainability

Keter’s business is predicated on sustainability, requiring essential partnerships across various industries. Keter partners with the sports giants at Decathlon to recycle their resin products. Decathlon donates its hangers, featuring a specific brand of resin that is then upcycled into the Keter system.

Keter’s work with Decathlon has led to the collection of more than 20 metric tons of hangers.

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