10 Tips to Maintain Your Bike in Good Nick

As the cities get more crowded, it is getting a bit hard for car owners to reach their destinations on time. While a car can be quite helpful for comfortable rides, it may not help us move through heavy traffic. Being stuck in traffic can be quite frustrating. This is why most individuals have started opting for two-wheelers. Bikes help us move through heavy traffic. They are also quite easy to park as they do not take up a lot of space. However, as your reliance on the vehicle grows, you must protect it from harm’s way.

One of the best ways to protect your two-wheeler is getting a two-wheeler insurance plan. You can opt for third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. With a comprehensive bike insurance plan, you get financial coverage if something happens to your vehicle. Most insurers like Tata AIG allow customers to buy bike insurance online. With online two-wheeler policies, you can compare the plans available and opt for the policy that matches your needs.

While getting the appropriate insurance coverage can be helpful, you must also learn about basic motorcycle maintenance. If you’re a new bike owner, you must learn to maintain your motorcycle in good condition. Following the new bike maintenance tips will help you make sure your bike stays in good condition for a long time.

Bike Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bike in a Good Condition

Given below are some tips you must follow to keep your bike in good condition:

  1. Check engine oil: The bike’s engine oil helps keep the bike well lubricated. Along with this, it also helps in keeping the vehicle cool. Unfortunately, over time, the oil level in an engine can go down, or the dirt can make the oil thick. Thick oil is not good for the engine, resulting in knocking. Along with this, your piston sizes may seize as well. A smooth way to avoid such problems is by checking the engine oil every time you service the vehicle and getting your oil changed whenever needed.
  2. Clean the air filter: The air filter is a crucial part of the bike, and it needs to be checked regularly. If different substances like dust get stuck in it, your bile’s air intake will get affected. This will result in poor fuel combustion, which leads to severe engine damage.
  3. Check your tyres regularly: There are numerous types of two-wheeler tyres available for different riding styles. However, regardless of the type of tyres you choose, they will be affected by regular wear and tear. Therefore, you must check your tyre’s treads when you get your bike serviced.
  4. Inspect your transmission: The components of your bike’s chain will need to be checked regularly for other damages. Along with this, they will also need to be lubricated regularly. You must ensure that your bike chain has 2 to 4 mm free play.
  5. Handle your battery: Your bike’s battery is among the easiest components to manage. First, you must ensure that the terminals are fixed tightly and greased properly. Along with this, you must check the level of distilled water in your battery at least once every two weeks. Practising this step every few weeks will help you maintain your bike in good condition.
  6. Maintenance of engine: When you ensure your engine functions properly, you will reduce costs while servicing your bike. It is important to keep the carburettor clean and ensure that the spark plug gaps are fixed properly. Attention to these small details will ensure your vehicle functions properly.
  7. Clean your bike: You must ensure you clean your bike regularly. Any amount of dirt mixed with water can lead to pitting in your two-wheeler in the long run. In addition, it will help if you keep your bike protected from other external elements.
  8. Fix your brake pads: Keeping the accurate spacing for your bike is quite important. You must ensure that they are not too tight and not too loose. If your brakes are screeching, you must ensure to replace them as soon as possible.
  9. Drive at slow speeds: Maintaining a slow speed on the road will lower the fuel consumption of your bike. Along with this, it will help you keep your bike’s engine in decent shape. Along with this, maintaining a decent speed on your bike will also help you improve your bike’s mileage.
  10. Fix your clutch: Fixing your clutch at regular intervals can benefit your bike. First, however, you must ensure that your clutch has the correct amount of free play when it gets serviced.

Practising these bike maintenance tips will help you lower the impact of wear and tear on your bike.


While getting the appropriate long-term two-wheeler insurance coverage is important; you must follow a few simple tips to hold your bike in a suitable condition. Following these tips will help you maintain your bike in good condition. Along with this, it will help you prolong your vehicle’s functionality.

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